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Dealing with Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is common among pregnant women. Here are some facts about morning sickness and ways to make dealing with morning sickness much easier.






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How to Make Kids Eat Veggies Without any Fuss

Vegetables are an important part of a child’s diet. The recommended intake for smaller children is 3 to 4 servings of vegetables each day; however, it usually never gets easy just adding vegetables to their food. At some point, you may hear complaints and protests about eating what’s on their plate.

Believe me, I know how disappointing it could feel seeing them not wanting to eat their food, and how tiresome the routine could be trying to convince them to eat it. Then one day, I thought, perhaps there could be a way to make them enjoy their vegetables without this constant struggle. Then I did my research and read about helping your kid eat what’s good for them.

Indeed, there are ways to do it! You just have to learn the tips and tricks in creatively sneaking in vegetables into their food. Let me share with you some of my tricks so far.

1. Cover them up in yummy-looking toppings.



Does your kid love cheese? Or ham slices? Most kids do, so take advantage of this. If you’re cooking a dish that you can top with their favourite food, then this would work perfectly. A great way to apply this is when making pizza – don’t flaunt the veggies, just disguise it among the other tasty toppings and your little one wouldn’t be able to enjoy his serving without constantly taking out what his eyes don’t like seeing.

2. The food processor is your friend.



Whoever said you had to serve the vegetables whole all the time? If you can shred them, slice them and cut them, then definitely you can shove them into the food processor, make some purees or recreate them into sauces. Then cook their favourite pasta, but this time with a mix of vegetable sauce, doesn’t seem like a bad idea, right?

3. Combine veggies with meat.



Not everyone realises that burger patties have onions, parsley and many other types of chopped and minced veggies, and even those who don’t really eat these foods on a regular basis can still like hamburgers. Sounds like an idea? Yes, that could work.

You don’t have to make vegetables look like vegetables. Concealing them into ground meat can save you from hearing “No’s” repeatedly, and allow your kids to enjoy their food just as they wish to.

4. Add them to drinks and desserts.



Are you going to make them some fruit shakes or smoothies this weekend? Then why not include some leaves and vegetables? In fact, why not create delicious drinks from these veggies? You can try these vegetable smoothie recipes to let your kids have their vegetables the cool, refreshing way.

Another way is to cook them into treats and desserts. When baking cakes and muffins, give it a twist by cooking vegetable treats, instead of the usual ingredients.

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